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2 min readMar 21, 2014


Silence! // I‘ll kill you ☺ //

As our lives and especially our work get more and more complex, it gets increasingly difficult to focus on everything we need to do. If you work in an open space, from home with kids or while travelling, you are probably dealing with a lot of outside noises that disrupt your concentration. Some people get used to it, some prefer to play loud music into their headphones, others use ear plugs. However, there is a better method.

When you cannot get rid of noises, you have to do a noise cover up. Although playing loud music will cover the outside noises, it will also consume a big part of your mental power for itself. Effect varies depending on the type of music and your personal preference. Instrumental music without lyrics is generally better than singing. The worst you can do is to listen to the radio because advertisements and talking hosts will always interrupt your thought process. The best you can do in the music area is continuous electronic music without talking, like the one you can find for example here.

Regardless of what genre you choose, you still have to process it in your brain. To get even better results, you don’t need to use music at all. You need a sound which will cover the outside noises, but will also be constant in time so your brain does not need to process it. Any natural or artificial hum will do, like running water, ocean waves or digital white noise.

White noise is good and it’s working but it is awfully boring in the long run. I have something better for you. A signal processing engineer Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon has created a magnificent website called where he put together samplings of various natural and artificial noises processed in a way that it can play in an infinite loop. And they are all configurable. You can strengthen the tones you like and disable those you don’t. Or leave it all on shuffle.

You can choose from 9 types of purely natural sounds including cat purr, 5 industrial noises and a wide range of combinations with bells, whistles, drones, chimes etc. There are also several options of synthetic noises (white, grey, impulse) and special brain waves stimulating noises (Isochronic, Binaural Beats and Binaural Harmonics). Feel free to try all of them.

My favourites are the Indian Drone and the Tibetan Choir for the day. I love the Fire noise for the evenings. I don’t have a fireplace at my current home but I really love how the sound of it brings me inner peace and pleasant thoughts.

Go and test it.


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