New space

One second a day — February 2014

  1. Hanging out at Meena’s
  2. Super bowl at @thebird’s
  3. New office space
  4. SFFD Ambulances
  5. Night
  6. New café
  7. Blitz at SCLA
  8. French toast breakfast
  9. Finally some rain
  10. New artwork across the road
  11. Table tennis
  12. New lights
  13. Running with Tessa
  14. Cinnamon rolls
  15. Rope swing!
  16. Walk on beach in Santa Cruz
  17. Jigsaw insanity
  18. Sculpture
  19. Post-its
  20. Code, cookies, and wine…
  21. Whiteboard coding with @kocodude
  22. Golden Gate Bridge from Hawk Hill
  23. South San Francisco bike ride
  24. Ada
  25. @jfuchs’s card and cutlery show
  26. Quantum Leap 2
  27. Morning desert run in AZ
  28. Back at SFO

Written by

Englishman in California. Father, engineer, photographer. Recovering adrenaline junky. Founder @ www.range.co. Previously: Medium, Google.

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