New Year

One second a day — January 2014

  1. New Year in the Sahara
  2. Visiting Ait Ben Haddou
  3. Fishing port at Essaouira
  4. Palais bahia, Marrakesh
  5. Back to England
  6. Go Karts for Jon’s birthday
  7. Back to California
  8. Softball
  9. Medium Engineering
  10. Hanging out
  11. Installation at the Exploratorium
  12. Spring cleaning
  13. Hacks and Hackers at Medium HQ
  14. E3 and Grant
  15. Early morning bike ride over Fort Mason
  16. Biking to work (oops)
  17. Sports Report
  18. Fort Funston
  19. Raspberry Pi GPIO hacking
  20. Ada
  21. Jon draws architecture
  22. Tessa being Tessa
  23. Tessa soldering
  24. Smeyesing
  25. Rohan and Arjun
  26. Alpine Dam bike ride
  27. Return of the clouds
  28. Traffic
  29. Early morning road works
  30. Missed a day ☹
  31. Medium happy hour

Written by

Englishman in California. Father, engineer, photographer. Recovering adrenaline junky. Founder @ www.range.co. Previously: Medium, Google.

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