Episode 1 — Shooting in a raining day — 13.06.16

Hi everyone, I’m Pietro and this is my first attempt to write a daily blog. Actually it is my first attempt to write anything.

I love photography and it has been a while since I started. Nevertheless I’m not a great photographer neither a professional.

I want to force myself to take at least one photo everyday and post it here with a short description. The goal is to improve my photographic skills and share the result with you.

I will introduce myself during the next days, we’ve got plenty of time for that. Now I would like to start this thing by posting some pictures I’ve take yesterday. Ok, I already choose to change a little bit the rules, but that’s my blog so that’s it!

Levico and his nearby

As you will learn, in the week end I love to go outside and take photos of great places around my city: Trento, Italy.

Yesterday I went to Levico lake. Here there are some shots. It was a cloudy/raining day but I was lucky enough to catch some nice moments when the sun appeared. I like this kind of days, even if there’s always the risk to go back home without any good picture.

Levico, 12.06.2016
Levico, 12.06.2016
Levico, 12.06.2016
Villamontagna, 12.06.2016

Hope you enjoyed, see you tomorrow!

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