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Week 4.2017 — Episodes 224/231

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I spent almost all the week at home. This situation hurts my photography and, most of all, this project. It’s really hard to find something different to shot every day, in a 40 square meters house.

Anyway, to push my creativity, I decided to try a new thing: at the end of the week I will assign a topic for the upcoming week.

Topic for the next week? PORTRAIT. Ok it’s nothing innovative, but it’s a good starting point, I guess.

So, starting from tomorrow and for the next week I will shot at least one portrait every day, hoping my health will allow me to do so!

Now, let’s go back to the past week!

Day 224–21.01.17

Everyone loves chocolate!

Trento, 21.01.2017

Day 225–22.01.17

Today there will be the AFC championship game. Go Pats!

Trento, 22.01.2017

Day 226–23.01.17

Keeping it cool! 
Ok, I was really uninspired but it has been anyway quit difficult to shot this pic. Not a great result though.

Trento, 23.01.2017

Day 227–24.01.17

I like this picture. I’m getting better in shooting objects (I don’t have a lot of other things to shot lately)
Next time I will clean the clock glass for sure. And maybe add a little bit of light from the back, in order to give the band more brightness.

Trento, 23.01.2017

Day 228–25.01.17

This week I spent a lot of time with this lovely loafer.

Trento, 25.01.2017

Day 229–26.01.17

Today is the last working day of the week and that’s a good thing. Usually I’m really happy to work and I love Fridays as much I love Mondays but this week it has been particularly hard for me.

Trento, 26.01.2017

Day 230–27.01.17

Another peace of my house. Remember folks, seven days in 40 square meters!

Trento, 26.01.2017

Day 231–28.01.17

A nice surprise woke up me today: wafels!

Trento, 28.01.2017

Let me know if you have some ideas about new topic for the next weeks!

That’s it for this week, hope you enjoyed! See you in about 7 days!
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