A trunk of 16mm: Making ground.

May 18, 2016 · 2 min read

This is my fourth monthly post from the One Side Project challengeA trunk of 16mm. You can follow the other chapters here.

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Monthly archive wireframe

April has been a really productive month. I finally got to get pen to paper and then mouse to pixel and worked through the wireframes for the Trunk of 16mm experience. It felt really rewarding to finally get some runs on the board for this project.

I know I am not going to set the world on fire with my wireframes, but it has been really great to plot out how I think I can best showcase my vision.

It’s purpose is to let Victor’s films and imagery to be the story. To showcase this trunk of 16mm gold to it’s fullest potential.

As I researched for a Trunk of 16mm I came across a couple of memorable websites. I love the way the Epic Ireland website showcases story telling at its core . It uses some beautiful imagery, engaging interaction, but ultimately it is the story telling content that make this site worthwhile revisiting.

Another site I came across was for Design Hotels. The use of video and imagery throughout the site is really interesting and something to consider as I discover what imagery is hidden within the trunk.

I am going to refine my wireframes across mobile devices and submit them for a round of feedback from my UXer colleagues and friends. By the end of May I want to have these fully revised and hit June ready to knock up some well researched and reviewed designs.

See you next month.

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Luke Pye is a digital producer and web designer — trunkof16mm.com

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