A trunk of 16mm: Time to up the pace

This is my third monthly post from the One Side Project challenge — A trunk of 16mm. You can find part one and two here.

March was a little distracting

Another month has rolled by and I feel I am still only scratching the surface of my project and whilst writing this article I realised it’s time to gear up. March was a busy month across many facets for me, Easter holidays with the kids, user testing and a mobile app launch from my work, a little freelance and my other side project — my reformed high school rock band. With whatever free time was left I squeezed in work on a Trunk of 16mm.

First gig in 20 years — need to work on my paradiddles.

Small steps —must keep going

In saying that, I was able to hit some of my goals for the month. As discussed last article I have consumed an incredible amount of design and UX literature which has been 1) really enjoyable and 2) inspirational. The train in to work has never been so informative.

I have set myself up a mood board on the inVision platform which I have found great also, as I am able to capture little influences and digital gems whenever I come across them, be it at work, the train or at home. I will be looking to share this soon and will welcome comments and feedback.

Wireframing and sketching was another aspect I began to finally get into, near the tail end of this month. And whilst it was great to start getting pen and pixel to paper, it was evident, I need to allow myself some more sizeable chunks of time for this phase. I don’t want to rush this for the sake of getting out a deliverable but at the same time I can’t push it to the side and tackle it piecemeal.

Planning required

One thing I do well as a Digital Producer is plan, schedule and co-ordinate teams across various projects and deliverables. I now need to bring this rigour from the office to the home office. I will not be rolling out a gannt chart just yet, but it’s clear I need to be project managed.

Image care of http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/

The goal remains to complete the Trunk of 16mm website by the end of the year, but I am now looking firmly to mid year for being my first major deliverable. This will be to have a completed design ready for the build phase in the second part of the year. So for now it’s planning my time from a weekly point of view and trying to hit key milestones. I really like how Samantha Zhang has been documenting her weeks and this could be a good (accountable) approach for me.

A beautiful bonus

The best part of the Trunk of 16mm project so far though, is the energy it has brought to my Dad and my family. Dad is really excited and energised by this project. He has begun to track down the cans of film and we will be getting together soon to review what we have. This project is a family affair and they a the perfect client for it, as they are the key driver for why I want to build this and they also know when I am bullshitting and dragging a timeline.

See you next month.

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Luke Pye is a digital producer and web designer — trunkof16mm.com