Loveslices: Fun with Wordpress

February is almost over and I’ve only spent a few hours on Loveslices. Always in my mind, the rubber met the road and I was inspired to make a lot happen this month, but it didn’t. But here’s what did…

Being a designer, and not a developer I’m always trying to find things to speed up my project execution with as little technical knowledge as possible. I had originally had the Wordpress installation on DigitalOcean. I liked the speed and cost of DigitalOcean as a simple startup hosting location.

The problem is it’s very command line, and ssh access based which is just not in my wheelhouse right now. After messing with Terminal on OSX and not being able to change a MySQL password I gave up and got some regular cPanel hosting. I opted for some cheap hosting with SSD drives for extra speed and hopefully this will be fine for now.

A side note — Wordpress is great for a simple solution that a relatively non-technical person like myself can slap together without too much trouble. It works — but my worry is how much it gets attacked. The only sites that either myself or my business have worked on, that have truly been hacked in the past were Wordpress sites. I currently have Wordfence installed on a few WP installations and my email is constantly filled with situations like this where bots are attacking WP installations trying to find a way in. When they do, it’s a mess!

Anyway, the Wordpress installation was set up using Layers which so far has been the simplest and cleanest WP experience I have ever had. I highly recommend it if you want something simple that cleans up the normal WP admin somewhat. After playing with Layers for a while I then purchased the Pro plugin for $25. Totally worth it for the time it is going to save me.

I’ve worked with a few Wordpress sites and want to try and avoid plugin and theme bloat. My goal for the site right now is to keep it lean so I only have the following plugins installed beyond Layers:

Keeping that list of plugins as short as possible

Hopefully that’s going to be it for the time being. Trying to find the balance between lean but with enough features to keep me busy. I think the list above is enough to gather some valuable user info, capture emails, present the content I am working on, all in a nice clean front-end display.

Anyhow, all that said I haven’t had the time to get the build where I want it. That’s my hope for March — to complete this initial phase of Settle on a visual style, finalize the survey questions and forms, integrate mailchimp or similar to catch all the emails, etc. etc…

In closing it’s been wonderful just being a part of this One Side Project Challenge community for a month or so. Seeing what everyone is working on, understanding why, the different motivations, the creativity, the perspectives. What a wonderful opportunity we have — to create things that can potentially reach so many :)

Until next month, be well.

At Loveslices we want you to have the most fulfilling, loving and rewarding relationship you can possibly have. We call the moments that make up that wonderful, healthy relationship “Loveslices”. We would love for everyone, everywhere to experience multiple loveslices every day. is a web and mobile application for anyone who wants to experience more love and intimacy in their lives.

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