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Loveslices: We Got Married!

A good reason for a side-project to get delayed is because you are getting married. That’s what happened to me. The wonderful woman who stood close to me as we read each other vows last Sunday, overlooking the water and city of Seattle has been the inspiration for Loveslices all along.

We’ve all learned from our past relationships, what worked, what didn’t work, what we think we’d like to have and do differently. Molly and I have both had previous marriages, we’re in our late 40's so came to this wedding from a very conscious and new place, shaped and influenced by our lives. We had about 80 people at our 11am wedding and the feedback from those who witnessed the ceremony was that it had such thought and heart and that it was uniquely the two of us. This means a lot to both of us and was our vision (I approved of all the design choices but Molly gets full credit for deciding what would make the room so beautiful). We purposely stripped away anything that wasn’t important for our union, no flowers for a bouquet toss, nobody giving away the bride, heavily edited passages of things to be read, and vows we wrote for each other all supporting the intention of what we want to create in our life (adventure) together.

So apologies for not a more in-depth report on what has happened in the last month with Loveslices because honestly not much has. Instead we’ve been living what Loveslices is intended to support and nurture. We’ve been being in love, being with family, being with each other, while also planning and organizing this lovely event that has resulted in us now sitting next to each other on a plane heading to Hawaii for our honeymoon… As husband and wife, friends and confidant, play-mates and partners.

There is a saying that goes something like “Teach what you need to learn.” I feel that in a similar way building Loveslices holds that at its core, except I would adjust it to read “Share what you want to live.” I feel incredibly blessed to have found my wife, and because our intentions are aligned I am sooooo excited for our lives together. It’s this essence of togetherness for what is important that I want Loveslices to help people discover, refine and most importantly Live.

At Loveslices we want you to have the most fulfilling, loving and rewarding relationship you can possibly have. We call the moments that make up that wonderful, healthy relationship “Loveslices”. We would love for everyone, everywhere to experience multiple loveslices every day.

Loveslices.com is a web and mobile application for anyone who wants to experience more love and intimacy in their lives.

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