Loveslices: Welcome to my passion project

The way I work is this — My mind overflows with so much information about what I want to do that it almost prevents me from doing anything. So here we go. Let’s just start…

This is my first entry for the One Side Project Challenge. Thank you to Samantha Zhang for coming up with this great idea and providing some much needed accountability and a kick in the pants to help move this project along… It’s funny because another app I want to develop is one about creating personal accountability, but we’ll save that for another time.

I have no project plan, business plan, or prototype as of yet. Even at this point is a floundering WordPress installation just awaiting to be birthed as a sweet and simple tool to help validate this idea and start collecting emails, likes and shares…

What I do have is the passion to create an application that works hard to help people develop deeper, more intimate and longer-lasting romantic relationships. As an introduction, a ‘loveslice’ is a moment of honest, intimate connection between two people.

Everyone I know lives a very busy life (including myself and my fiancé), between work, kids, school, trying to take care of one’s self, trying to take care of others, and the list goes on… Often what doesn’t get the attention it deserves is your relationship. It’s easy to put it aside — “Soon we’ll have time for that.” or “Next year we can take time to really be together.” I did that in the past, and don’t want to do it again. I’ve been lucky enough to find a beautiful woman who loves me… The passion for creating Loveslices has grown out of my love for this woman and the care that I want to administer to our relationship (and she does too, which is fantastic!).

In a relationship between two people there are three entities. In our case it is myself, my fiancé, and our relationship.

The circle in the middle needs love, care and attention too.

All three of us need care, we all need love, and this is true in any relationship/marriage/romantic partnership. Loveslices is the virtual gardener that helps the two of us tend to our relationship so it can grow in a sustainable and healthy way… What an exciting adventure.

So the next steps include:

  • Validating what we believe the application idea is through some Q&A with the world out there
  • Defining some revenue models so we can assure this is a sustainable business (we want to do this right so that we can help as many relationships as possible)
  • Blogging, writing, sharing a lot of what we do to begin building the audience of supporters and potential customers
  • Refining the message of Loveslices — Making sure we’re telling the correct story of what we want to do, but in a voice that is as honest and compelling as a real life loveslice will be

But to clarify the list above, this last Sunday I did some writing for — I’m putting together some questions to start engaging the audience and better learn about their needs in the context of love and relationships. So for February my goal is to get V1.0 of up and ready with the survey questions, descriptions and some email capture mechanism.

This project has been rolling around in my head, in an Evernote, in some Sketch comps, Photoshop and Illustrator files for a couple of years now. Out of all the ideas I have it’s the one that is foremost in my heart and mind.

The rubber meets the road. Thank you for watching :)

At Loveslices we want you to have the most fulfilling, loving and rewarding relationship you can possibly have. We call the moments that make up that wonderful, healthy relationship “Loveslices”. We would love for everyone, everywhere to experience multiple loveslices every day. is a web and mobile application for anyone who wants to experience more love and intimacy in their lives.

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