Rabbut: Hops and Pivots

Rabbut is an email marketing tool on Medium that allows you to collect your Medium readers emails. Sign up here.

by Kate Chan

This week Rabbut team came together to deliberate on what we’ve learned from talking to Rabbut users.

It was a pleasure to hear the voices of our users and they praise for Rabbut, but it’s not all rainbows and butterflies — and that’s okay because that’s how we know what people want with Rabbut.

Some highlights from the feedback are:

1) Why did you use Rabbut?

I came to notice Rabbut because I needed a way to collect emails on Medium.

Takeaway: Rabbut users found Rabbut useful because they wanted a way to gather emails across different blogging platform like Medium.

In the early days of Rabbut, we assumed that if people want to collect emails, we must also build a service that lets them send out emails. As it turns out, that wasn’t the primary reason that got people to use Rabbut.

2) What are somethings that you’d like to see with Rabbut?

I wanted a way to collect emails on Linkedin post, Facebook notes, and other content syndication platform.

Takeaway: Most Rabbut users come from a business background, and so Medium is not the only platform they post content on on a regular basis. Expanding Rabbut to be compatible with Linkedin, Facebook Notes and other platforms gave us the competitive advantages over other email marketing tools out there.

After dissecting some of the customers feedback, we came to consider that it make sense for Rabbut to head toward to a more refined direction.

We are still in the midst of considering shifting our focus from sending email updates to email collections because we find that it takes a huge chunk of our time and resources in maintenance and customer support, and more importantly, it can’t be monetized in a short period of time.

It didn’t make sense for us to go head-on with large companies like MailChimp, because it’d take us light years to compete against them with a small Rabbut team. Until we have a laser focus core service, we’d like to think of sending emails as our secondary product.

Rabbut’s directions is still rough around the edges, but by the end of April, we will have all the data and customer feedback to guide us to a direction where it’d make sense for the future of Rabbut and our users.

Until next time, happy blogging,


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