9 reasons 9Round is for college students

As a college student, it is hard to find a workout that works in your schedule, is enjoyable, inexpensive, and challenging. Here are 9 reasons 9Round works and is worth it for college students.

  1. No scheduled class times.

It can be hard to fit working out into your schedule. 9Round (Downtown Milwaukee) is open from 6am-8pm most days. You can come in and get started any time that works for you!

2. Personal Trainer Included

Knowing the best form for punches or how much your body can handle takes years of experience and training. With a membership at 9Round a personal trainer is included, and they will walk you through the workout one-on-one to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout. There is also Heart Rate technology available so can know exactly how hard to push yourself.

3. No experience needed.

New 9Round Member, Kelly O’Malley said, “I went into 9Round without any Kick-Boxing experience. The trainers made me feel so comfortable with my fitness level and I keep getting better every time!” She joined 9Round about a month ago and is already hooked! Kelly has tried yoga, spin, barre, dance, and running. She loves them all for different reasons, but typically chooses 9Round for working out.

4. Student discount

We all know college students are balling on a budget, and it can be hard to imagine paying for a membership at a gym. 9Round offers a student discount for all full-time students and you will save $20 a month!

5. Quick 30 minute workout

9Round is a 30 minute workout consisting of 9 stations that are 3 minutes long each, with 30 seconds between each station. It goes by so quickly, and it is impossible to get bored.

6. Enjoyable environment

All the trainers at 9Round want to see you succeed so they are constantly cheering you on. You are also surrounding by people at different fitness levels pushing themselves just as you are. Not to mention there is awesome music playing to get you pumped up.

7. Fitness results

Going into 9Round your goal does not need to be weight loss. Your goal could be to build endurance, build muscle, or simply be healthier. 9Round makes it possible to see changes. Trainer, Drew Stauffacher explained in Milwaukee Magazine, “the workouts are always changing and evolving so our members are pushed in a different way every single day.” You will work muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Source: https://www.milwaukeemag.com/2015/11/04/testing-9round-fitness/

8. Equipment available with membership

Not only do you get quality workout equipment available for you at 9Round, but with a membership you also get wraps and gloves for no additional charge.

9. Nutrition guides

It is hard to eat healthy as a college student, so 9Round also provides nutrition guides on how to properly fuel your body with what you have available to you.

There you have it. 9 reasons why 9Round is for college students. Still not convinced? Try a free class. The hardest part is in-fact just getting yourself through those doors the first time! From there on out, you will be hooked!

Source: www.9round.com