This is what sets 9Round Milwaukee apart from other fitness groups

If you scroll through the reviews on 9Round Milwaukee’s Facebook Page (here:, you’ll find words like “obsession”, “love”, “addiction”, “amazing”, and more. Out of the 62 ratings, 58 of them give 9Round Milwaukee 5 stars. What makes 9Round, or more specifically 9Round Milwaukee Downtown, different than other gyms or workouts? The community sets it apart.

Coss Marte, a former drug operator who served time in prison and is currently a trainer of his own circuit work out that resembles 9Round shares why these workouts are popular. He does circuit training that all started from his lifestyle change in prison. He explains in StartUp’s Podcast “From the Cell to the Sell”, that something as little as remembering the names of people coming to class builds their trust in you. He also noticed something unique about his classes in that 90% of the members are white females. Marte predicts that this is because the girls want to be instructed and they like the social mission of the gym. 9Round offers a similar community and also has predominately female members.

Coss Marte


The people at 9Round care for you and put your well-being as a top priority. The trainers will help you reach your goal and cheer you on every punch of the way. When you walk in they call you by name, they play the music you like, and tell you that you can accomplish anything (and you’ll believe it too).

Trainer Hayden Skaggs says, “I genuinely want you to be better”. Hayden will never let you say that you “can’t” do something, because he believes 100% that you can do anything you set your mind to. He himself went through a body transformation. You will never leave 9Round without being satisfied with your workout. 9Round is unique in that they can have people of every fitness level work out and be successful simultaneously. Whether you’re a marathon runner, or 9Round is your first time working out since gym in elementary school, it will challenge you.

In addition to that, 9Round is unique in that they do not promote weight loss as much as they promote body transformation. World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year, Dr. Rick Kattouf II explains that weight loss should not be a primary goal, because weight loss is temporary while body transformation is permanent. Dieting actually tears down muscle, and the goal with 9Round is to replace fat with muscle. Dr Rick Kattouf II says, “the diet world is completely opposite of what we need to do, that is of course, if we are looking to transform the body and achieve meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime.”


Kelly McCabe shares one of her 9Round successes from this past summer. She took the challenge of doing burpees for the 30 second-transitions between rounds for the whole entire month of July. This created a grand total of over an hour of burpees. Kelly says “I didn’t know if I could do it, but after a while burpees weren’t so bad. Day after day I was successful. Any program that can get a girl who doesn’t like working out to do an hour of burpees is something special.” It truly sets 9Round apart.

Kelly McCabe and I with our “I earned this shirt” shirts on after an hour of burpees