A Modified Creole Supper

Using what your grocery provides

Photo by Carlos Fernández on Unsplash

In our lovely mid-sized town, Covid cases are on the upswing. My daughter who lives in Charlotte, commented that here in South Carolina, too many people are acting as if we aren’t in a pandemic: no masks, walking in large groups throughout downtown, standing at restaurant counters without protection and in some cases, being served by staff who think that mask-wearing…




People coming from different cultural backgrounds sharing seats at the table to dine, to laugh, to cook, to heal and most of all to share the stories of their unique journeys all over the world.

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Terry Barr

Terry Barr

I write about music, culture, food, and my Alabama past in One Table One World, The Riff, InTune, FanFare, SongStories, Rock n”Heavy, Counter Arts, and Pop Off.

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