Don’t Eat that Boring Salad, Have this Instead!

Chili Crisp plus veggies equals a life-changing salad.

Melissa A. Matthews
One Table, One World


Salad illustration by author

It’s salad season! What have you been eating? As for me, I’ve been eating my veggies! A ton of them because I spotted this cucumber salad on IG and decided to explore what it would be like with other veggies. And you know what? It’s a hit! Asian Spicy Veg Salad is the recipe we’re making today. I can’t even say cooking because I’m pretty sure this doesn’t qualify.

If you’ve ever read any of my recipes, you know that I love anything that gives me an excuse to use up the produce that is suffering in my fridge. No matter how much broccoli and/or tomatoes I use, we always seem to have an overflow of them spoiling in the fridge. So finding ways to use them with little effort is a [insert happy dance] win! So with the cucumbers, I added a few Roma tomatoes and a whole head of broccoli. When I’m not feeling lazy, I even peel and use the broccoli stems. The tender middle is deliciously sweet and moreish. Obviously, you can add any veg you have or love. I just use what’s in the house.

Without further explanation or ado, let’s get to making because this isn’t cooking, for real, for real!

Asian-Inspired Spicy Veg Salad