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Mario López-Goicoechea
One Table, One World
5 min readJun 12, 2024


Hard to resist. Pork tenderloin with rice and vegetables, and almond cake(all photos by author)

It’s hard to sum up a region’s food in a five-day visit. Especially when one of those days is spent travelling and getting lost. But, I did try to enjoy whatever culinary options were available to me on my recent visit to the Alpujarras, Spain.

As a side note and before I give you a rundown of the menus I came across, I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve had this inner voice for many years now that chastises me if I go over my allotted meat quota. I hear it here in London whenever I frequent food markets and I heard it again in Spain. “Try not to be seduced by juicy steaks, tender lamb chops, and tasty-looking chicken thighs.”

I’m afraid to say that my inner voice failed in its attempt to arm-wrestle me away from carnivorous food choices.

How could I resist the temptation to tear into a foot-long “bocadillo” with Serrano ham and a…