The Restaurant Receipts In My George Costanza Wallet

Oh, the memories they evoke

An image of a brown leather wallet with black trim on a rustic table. It has quite a few bills, cards and receipts in it — but it’s nowhere near as stuffed as mine is!
Photo by Hamed Taha on Unsplash. This wallet is a bit full, but not nearly as stuffed as mine usually is!

On December 22nd, 2019, my husband and I went to Nighttown, a beloved and now shuttered jazz club, restaurant, and old-school bar within walking distance of our Cleveland Heights, Ohio home.

We started with a cheese plate, then dined on Salmon Caesar Salad (me) and Trout Amandine (him). We each consumed…



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Kathryn Dillon

Kathryn Dillon

Life’s a journey. Sometimes a peaceful hike in the woods, sometimes a screaming joyride down a dark highway. I’m on a quest to discover my truth by sharing it.