It’s time to think about pitching for One Team Gov in Wales

With less than 2 weeks until One Team Gov in Wales kicks off in Cardiff it’s time to start thinking about pitching.

The session grid, created from the pitches at the first One Team Gov event. Flickr

An agenda of an unconference is formed at the beginning of the day by attendees who suggest subjects for discussion in a short “pitch”. This could be on anything related to the One Team Gov concept of public sector reform by improving the services we offer to citizens and how we work.

What to expect on the day

There will be 25 sessions, split into 5 parallel sessions (in Welsh or English) spread over 5 time slots.

Once it’s time to start pitching, anyone wanting to pitch (in Welsh or English) will be invited to queue up and one at a time they will deliver their pitch on stage to the people in the room. Once finished they’ll take their pitch card over to the team who then play tetris to populate the session grid and work out which sessions will go in which rooms at which time slot. If we get more pitches than slots then we’ll merge the related sessions.

What makes a good pitch

Good pitches tend to:

  • be short and to the point — ideally lasting less than 30 seconds
  • contain 1 clear topic, question, issue or idea
  • be well rehearsed in advance

Some subjects that proved popular prior to the London event were:

  • creating the right team structure for a ‘one team’ approach
  • how to advise ministers when you’re working iteratively
  • what is policy making? what is digital? what is service design?
  • how to ‘do governance’ better
  • how we build cross-profession networks so we all get better together
  • bringing policy making, digital and delivery into an end to end approach
  • who is doing ‘the agile thing’ at scale, and how?
  • practical ways of bringing policy and delivery together

The list is just a sample. On the day people might pitch all or none of those ideas — it’s up to everyone attending to decide what’s most important to them.

Have no fear, we’re here to help

If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of standing up in front of people doing a pitch, we’ll have a dedicated area where people can do a pitch on your behalf. We will also have volunteer facilitators and scribes for each session so that you can focus on the subject close to your heart.

For some more ideas on pitching, please take a look at these posts:

If you’re planning on pitching, what about starting the conversation early and blogging or tweeting about it with the #OneTeamGovInWales hashtag.