A New Tattoo While A Was Away

A: Meanwhile… in Ottawa I got a new tattoo! I hung out with Ed Asner and I sent B a lot of selfies to which I got 1 or 2 in return, and B’s sister’s partner came to visit with his two kids and we walked around and at poutine and it was so fun! I was so attached to keeping B posted on my everyday… maybe it annoyed B.. I don’t know. I did like our ‘good morning’ routine though — we’d try to text it to each other every day. It was nice (although seeing B would’ve been better :P).

B: I’m happy we had our routines of keeping each in touch. The whole thing reminded me a bit of when we started dating.

A takes and sends way more selfies than me. When I first met her it was one of the first things I noticed.

Hearing about my Sister’s partner and his kids visiting A warmed my heart. It was this nice connection between worlds.

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