An Evening of Productivity and No Anxiety

Date #731 — Wednesday, November 10th, 2015

A: I’d recently started a contract where I have a day job, basically, so our evenings became precious to us. We bonded over domestic tasks for the entire night. It was really lovely to tidy up our place, and revel in it. There’s nothing more satisfying than putting things in their place and feeling pride about doing so. B hung the amazing shelves that we used when we had a little store booth for our soap (Date #480).

We watched Arrested Development as we did so, then both wrote a bunch of blog posts (trying to catch up!!) and then snuggled to Gotham in bed. Considering I don’t get home until 6:30 or 7:30pm and we only stay up until 11 or midnight, we got a lot done — and — the catch — it was relaxing.

B: We’re working our way through this activity book called The Artist’s Way and it is actually resulting in a lot more creative energy and a better understanding of myself. I was alone in the apartment and this coffee pennant and poster arrived and I wanted to put them all up. Normally I would procrastinate, but I felt inspired.

When A came home I put up the poster and the shelves and organized the apartment. It all felt really good and I was so proud. A did a bunch of stuff with me. Normally I would have felt anxious at the idea of screwing something up, but not this time. I thought, “this book is really working”

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