Angry Stair Climb

Date #819 — Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A: When we met up for the stair run that B planned, he quickly told me that he didn’t want to run stairs, to which I said, “Then why’d you plan this!?” I was laughing but this frustrated him and then it started to pour rain. We went to a nearby business reception area because I was shivering.

Eventually we ended up taking time to ourselves. Before running up the stairs I told him that he didn’t have to run them. It was raining and he seemed caught between a rock and a hard place. He ended up walking the stairs. I was proud. And at the end I took selfless of us making faces because it always cheers him up. And me! :)

B: Because it was Wednesday it was time for #DiscoverYourWild. I was really excited to climb stairs. It was raining but I didn’t think I would mind.

When we got to the stairs I started feeling really angry and frustrated. I told A and she very kindly asked what I wanted to do. She said, “we can go.” I didn’t want to go. I was super tired and that was frustrating me. A was full of energy. She started running the stairs and I followed behind moving slowly. I cheered her on and said, “keep going!” I explained how tired I was and how I also didn’t want to quit.

Sometimes you’re just on a different level doing the same thing with someone. I think that’s OK and that it is important to admit when that is happening. Eventually I started to get out of my slump. Exercise can do that, it’s why I love exercising. A is awesome at running the stairs…and making weird faces.

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