A’s New Brunswick Interview

Date #844 — Friday, April 29, 2016

B: We’re trying to crank out a lot of these “talking head” interviews for our documentary web-series The Peakbaggers. That’s why you’ve seen so many of these posts recently.

A few sessions ago we decided to only do one interview a day. The hope was this would keep us in either the “interviewee” mindset or the “director/interviewer/camera/sound operator mindset”. Doing a production on your own can be tough. Thankfully we have a few editors helping, and they are the reason for the big push — we want to get them all the footage.

As a person I know I prefer to know all the steps and the “whys” before doing something. I think A is a lot more esoteric with her vision. I’m someone who likes to anticipate the next step to see if I can a) help better and b) spot something that’s gone a-miss.

A would set up the cameras for the shots she wanted (with me as a stand-in) and then go sit down. We’re different sizes so sometimes the shots would look off. If I adjusted the cameras slightly, A would want to come back and see the shots. I get that — there’s a lot of steps. She asks if I’ve focused (I have) — another step.

Basically it’s stressful because we care so much, and it’s complicated because there are a lot of moving parts and if one of them is off it can really mess things up. Add to that that we’re talking about something so personal to us — something where we challenged ourselves deeply.

All this said, I do love hearing A talk about our adventures. And I really think her vision is amazing. I think it’s good we’re pushing each other.

A: I’ve worked in film for 7 years now and I am not used to being in front of the lens. It’s nerve-wracking and my lips curl up in weird ways and I feel very self-conscious and I become of the mind to get it done. I try to remember what I want the series to be as a director and I try to hit all the points. So when B get’s upset that I go on a tangent I realize I never tell him it’s part of my vision. It’s confusing — there’s a lot going on in both our heads — and we’re doing all this filming and navigating ourselves.

I hope it turns out okay.

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