B’S New Brunswick Interview for The Peakbaggers

Date #843 — Thursday, April 28, 2016

A: We have many a projects on this go and this one takes precedence in spurts. We’re trying to get our series off the ground. In this interview B’s talking about summitting Mt. Carleton, New Brunswick’s highest peak (and Date #707).

B did really well today! I was really happy with their ability to keep it together and stay positive despite the pressure of being on camera.

B: Another interview for The Peakbaggers. The New Brunswick summit has been my favourite summit so far, and so this interview was pretty easy.

New Brunswick’s peak was very much a “typical” mountain, in the sense it looked and felt like what you expect when you think “mountain”. We did two more peaks during our summit trip and hiked for over 10 hours.

It was really great to talk about it and how intense it was. A prompted me with a lot of questions. She clearly has a vision for this webseries and I marvel at her ability to remember details and use cues to get me to talk about those specific moments.

I know when it comes my time to interview A and when I’m in front of the camera all I can think about it how I want to live up to her vision. I want to do well on camera. I want to shoot well when I’m shooting her.

It’s hard in the moment. There’s pressure. I think that anything worth doing, that you think is important, will feel that way though.

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