B’s Sister and Partner Visit

Date #818 — Monday March 21, 2016

B: My sister and her partner and their baby came over and hung out with us for awhile and it was great. Any time that little baby comes over it’s fantastic.

It’s really incredible to watch the development of a small child. The baby is 4 months old and every time I see them they are more aware of their surroundings and are making more expressions.

I like to do little tests to see what they respond to. A and I have some salt rocks in our place and the baby seems to love the warm glow of the orange light. This time I decided to put on some MSTRKRFT music and see what they would do. Our cats go wild when the music plays, so I thought maybe the baby would do. They seemed to enjoy the dance beats. A started dancing around with them as they giggled and laughed while A bounced them around. It was hilarious. She’s so good with the baby.

A: Little kids that are linked to you in some way are super neat. I am fascinated by science and study of childbirth, rearing, and growth. It’s the thought that this little semi-helpless being is going to standing beside me one day with their own thoughts, feelings, and outlooks and I get the chance to help it feel love right from day one. Of course I want to participate in that!

It is a known fact that what happens to you in the first few days of your life shapes parts of your subconscious, and I’d like to positively contribute to that in any way possible. Seeing B take the baby around and try sounds and sights out, too, makes me happy. We are all curious beings, and we must encourage that in ourselves and others. I really like spending time won’t B’s family because I always learn something. It makes me feel like we’re all swirling and occupying this space with goodness.

Also please excuse this awful photo.

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