#DiscoverYourWild: Slacklining

Date #677 — Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

A: As summer begins to wind down we took full advantage of Toronto Slack’s Wednesday night meetup in Christie Pits. They have 5 or more lines that we can practice on, some of them stretch 50 feet! I am still awful but I try and try. I think one day I’ll get better; I mean, with every step you improve, even if you can’t see it. B is so great at it. He has really been working on his balance and I’m so proud of him. It’s slowly becoming me dropping things and fumbling instead of him. We are such sponges.

B: It was kind of odd and cool to have gone 6,000km across the country to summit two more peaks with The Peakbaggers and then be back in the city.

Every time we go on a trip I feel like I learn so much and come back with a new perspective (or an expanded one).

We were leaving the next day for my American family’s annual reunion in Alabama, so it was nice to get a #DiscoverYourWild event in before we would have to leave.

I am so thankful and grateful that there are these groups willing to help us lead events. The purpose of #DiscoverYourWild is to inspire others and build a community, and it is so great to see that happening.

A was upset with me for a reason I don’t know and for which I am going to attribute to us needing space alone, so I went to the event first, on my own. She was the one who set up the event and spoke with the organizer of Toronto Slack and so I was originally upset I had to figure that all out.

Ultimately I took a deep breath and said, “she needs time away from you and set this up, so deal with it.” I found Martin and then the others and everything went really well. I was so happy when A eventually joined us.

Slacklining is hard and I can’t do it for long, but I am dedicated to practising and working on my balance and getting better.

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