Emotional Breakdown during The Blue Jays Game

Date #828 — Monday, April 4, 2016

A: I realize now, after three years with B, that what B needs when they get overwhelmed is support; is the feeling like they’re not alone. Sometimes B projects his frustration onto me and it’s easy for me to confuse B being overwhelmed with a personal attack but I stop and think — or I try to — before I respond. No one like to feel things they can’t control, and I try to remind myself that’s what happens to B sometimes. We are working together to make our lives as harmonious and happy as possible, and that means I’ve really got to understand B’s needs. I’m trying my best, I hope he realizes.

So what’s more important? Finishing your beer at a bar that’s playing the game or your partner or friend who’s falling apart beside you?

B: We decided to head to the Dock Ellis to watch the Blue Jays. During this point a lot of feelings seemed to overwhelm me. I think it was just too much stimulation after a week of being around people. I started to breakdown. A was great and supportive. We left and talked on the walk home. I really like how we are both in tune with our emotions. The ability for me to say, “This is how I’m feeling,” is crucial to not totally loosing it. A is so great at being beside me and asking, “What do you need?”

Most times it’s a hug and some time alone.

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