FAT PIG at Red Sandcastle

Date #736 — Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

A: B’s old roomie is an amazing actress and this is the second play of hers that we’ve been to! It was amazing. I’ll admit, I was hesitant because of the name, but I was truly enthralled in the beauty and complex emotion of these characters and their placement in the world; their representation of it. I would be really interested in talking to someone about the play who works in the corporate jungle that these characters do. I feel my perspective a whole other one, compared to someone who’d work in finance, for example.

Here’s my review: http://ift.tt/1ZCJ5kZ

I would recommend you see it but it’s run is over! Keep an eye out for the play, though, as it may come back!

B: I biked far across the city (40 minutes) on a rainy, cold night to meet A at this tiny theatre to see a play I knew nothing about. A sets these things up and I follow her and I love that she does that. We have a shared calendar and have meetings to discuss our days and weeks and it helps us stay organized and efficient and busy!

The play was incredible. It was really interesting to watch someone I’d lived with for a year act in such an intimate role. The play is a really touching story about two people who start dating and how they deal with society’s expectations. One is a librarian and a larger woman (played by my old roommate) and the other is an sales executive and a slender, toned man. The play immediately jumps into issues of body-shamming, self-expression, and other similar topics. It didn’t shy away from any of them and at times was uncomfortable to watch (in a good way).

I felt intellectually and emotionally challenged — which is exactly what I want from live theatre.

I am so happy A took us!

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