First Day at Home + Kansas Game — Jays Game 6

Date #861 — Monday, July 4, 2016

A: We spent a lovely day puttering around the house and “just being home.” The cats were happy, lazily looking for pets and B and I both worked at our desks on our little projects. It was so nice. I felt a long exhale leave my body many times throughout the day and it was like I was home. Really home. And we made this place! It was just the bees knees. I felt so happy.

The only item on the agenda was a Jays game! A great item to be on your agenda. :) We met B’s parents there and they ended up driving us home because B didn’t have a bike yet. What luck!

B: With two Jays games in a row it felt like we were being thrust back in to a more normal routine. The game was great and the Jays won 6–2!

There also was the annual food-vendor fest outside of Union Station. A and I decided to stop there beforehand and check it out. We wanted to meet my Mom (who was there early), but because we were taking transit, we arrived late. We still had some good tacos though — while A was away I discovered a love of authentic tacos.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t have a bike it’s because, while A was away, I had a terrible bike accident where a car pulled in front of me while I was riding and I went over it’s hood onto the street. My bike was totalled and I suffered a concussion and a shoulder injury.

I’d been going to physio since the accident on May 24 (in Ontario, any accident involving a car grants all parties some amount of physio — it’s $1600 of coverage) and because the accident was the driver’s fault, I would also be getting my bike replaced. I’d been waiting because a) I was riding A’s while she was away and b) the insurance money hadn’t come yet. Now that A was back, though, I had to get moving on that.

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