Floatting in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

Date #535 — Friday February 13, 2015

B: The look on A’s face after we floated was priceless! She was hesitant about lying in a sensory deprivation tank for an hour. After she was excited and positive, relaxed and energized. I was sooooo happy she had a great time.

If you’ve never floated before, I recommend you go. Basically you like water that is the temperature of your body with 850lbs of epsom salts with all external senses removed. It’s like the ultimate bath.

The salt fills your body wtih Magnesium (an element required by every cell in your body) and the lack of stimulus lets you reach a state of rest we don’t often achieve.

I laid there meditating for the hour and felt so relaxed afterwards. I also was super-hungry and wrote this poem:

Balloon — Pop — Bam — Boom — Whiz — Bang
Sauce catastrophe
Wizzard Catapult
Veggie meat-balls and spinach wraps
Hungry Hungry Hippos
In my soul
Devour, devour,
Nacho, Dorito, dil-pickle pie
Meringue deliciousness
Marshmallow, Fluff cloud pie
Lick it up
Nutella sandwich
Roasted on a plate

After we ordered a pizza to celebrate.

A: Just read B’s poem. Hahahahahahaha. It’s amazing. This is the best: “Hungry Hungry Hippos / In my soul /Devour, devour, / Nacho, Dorito, dil-pickle pie.” I will recite this as my vow on our 1000 date or something. (*Note to self: remember this note.)

The people who run this place and this place itself is absolutely astounding. To think I would ever do this as a spa experience is beyond me, but I recommend it to the hills. We were featured on their insta, writing about ourselves and our experience. I wrote: ”At first, floating was fun; your body feels weightless in a shallow pool of warmth. No muscles needed to support your body’s weight. Soon after axiomatizing, floating became a transcendent, meditative, and inspiring experience for me. The perfect place to flip through your mental to do list and then forget about it all together.” I can’t wait to go back. I finally understand why B asked me to go with him so many times.

Originally published at onethousanddates.com.

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