Helping At A Yoga Conference

Date #827 — Sunday, April 3, 2016

B: My sister and her partner were selling their smoothie mix “Good Stuff” at the Toronto Yoga Show and we agreed to help. A was there for most of the weekend, and I only showed up on the last day.

Being there was really interesting. The conference happens in a large convention centre. There are vendors and there are various things (like meditations, yoga sessions, etc.) programmed in the middle. Part of it felt really authentic and part felt really commercial.

I’ve worked at a lot of shows like these doing marketing work. A and I have been to a few events selling our Cabin 416 soap. It was nice to wander around with A and discuss our feelings about the event. We discussed being present and the commercialization of things and how it’s possible to look passed that and find some wholesomeness.

When it came time to load things out things started to get a bit hectic. I knew if we didn’t move quickly we’d be stuck there for awhile. A and I made a game plan and started instructing my sister and her partner on what to do. We ended up leaving pretty quickly.

Even when things get really hectic, I always feel good when A and I work together so efficiently. If we try we can communicate really well; “OK, I’m doing this.” “Good, then I’ll do that.”

The smoothie mix is also pretty awesome and I think it’s great to see my sister and her partner working together as well.

A: If I can spend my life doing what I love with people who are doing the same then I think I may be happy, I guess if our life choices align a little. I mean, if it made someone happy to eat meat and talk about it constantly I probably couldn’t spend much time with them (being veg and all) but you know what I’m saying, right? I loved volunteering for ViraOne and helping out B’s family where I could. I think that if I ever expect to get help for my own projects, I have to help others. I believe that what goes around comes around, and I’m happy B does too.

To be honest, it was fun to be at the convention as part of someone else’s business. Selling your stuff is HARD and I was happy to plug something I do truly love and use that isn’t my own creation. You know how easy it is to convince people to try something that you love! I wish it was that easy for me to sell our soap.I love it, but it’s mine, and I’m scared of failure and hatred and bad reviews… but that hasn’t stopped us yet!

Later that night B sought serenity by meditating with their nibling in the living room of their parents house. It was cute to see them bonding and the baby was so still and quite, yet wide awake. I loved peeking in!

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