Hiking and Exploring Lake Placid — Adirondacks Day 2

Date #822 — Friday, March 25, 2016

A: We took our time getting up and I really wanted to revel in the space that we had to ourselves. The cabin had a lovely energy that calmed me; climbers and hikers of years past filling the two levels with adventure stories and tired legs. A sense of commuter-ness fills me with elation.

B and I stomped around taking photos as the rain began to pick up. It drizzled on and off all day really making the fresh scent of a new season feel tangible.

We ate burritos in town and hiked a trail off the parking lot of a private school. It was bizarre because there were 6 or so parking spots specifically for the trail and yet I felt like we were trespassing. Hiking is a priority in the ADK and I love it. On the way down it was quite foggy and I felt anxious heading down because I didn’t get a chance to process my anxiety. B’s sis, while confident, encouraged us to trust her and I’m glad I did cause we were on the right path but I didn’t enjoy it. Besides the first part of the descent it was a great day. Anxiety really gets me sometimes. I can feel so claustrophobic in wide open spaces.

Back at the cottage B’s mom rented the rest of the family arrived. It was lovely though it took them 9 hours to do the 6.5 hour drive with the 4 month old. Eep. They were not thrilled!


B: When we woke up Friday the skies were cloudy and it was drizzling on and off. We changed our loose plans to do a big hike and opted to go explore Keene Valley and Lake Placid, then maybe do a short hike if time would permit.

We were in no rush to leave the cabin though and took our time getting ready.

I woke up long before A and my Sister. With the cabin to myself I mediated, journaled, and made coffee. Once A and my Sister were awake they sat on the deck and chatted while I restocked the wood piles. Then A and I went to take a bunch of photos. Eventually we packed and cleaned the place up and said “goodbye” to that beautiful cabin.

We went to this amazing outdoor store, The Mountaineer. As I wandered the place I imagined A and I using all the gear on wild adventures. I love being in places like that.

We then ventured in to Lake Placid to have luch and talk about an afternoon hike. We went to this burrito place, Wyatt’s BBQ. Their burritos are amazing and they have this wall of hot sauces. I decided to taste a bunch. I eventually grabbed their hottest sauce and fell in love. It was this sauce made with Ghost Peppers. It was sweet and delicious. I’d never had a Ghost Pepper sauce before and am now hooked.

After we went to find this short hike that started in Lake Placid. What I love about the Adirondacks is how the culture of hiking and exploring is so prevalent. The trail started out of the parking lot of a private school. Normally such a trail would be hidden and we’d have to sneak on the property. This trail was well marked with signs and everything!

Because of the warm Winter season we didn’t expect any snow or ice. Things were mostly thawed, but there were still some ice patches and moving up the trail was sketchy and slippery at points. When we reached the top there was lots of fog so the view was obscured. We still revelled in our accomplishment and the tranquility. I love that feeling. It was so nice to be there with A and my Sister — two people I love so dearly.

We decided to make our way down the difficult and faster trail. We started down a moderate rock face where, due to the fog, it was hard to find the way. Eventually we spotted a rope to help move down a steep section and moved that way.

Once we were done hiking it was time to head to the cabin where the entire family would be staying. My parents, older Sister, her partner and the baby were all there already. First though, we had to stop at the the Great Adirondack Brewing Company. If you recall, we found this place last year and my Mom and A both fell in love.

Then we went to the cabin for a much needed rest.

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