Home Alone Quote-a-long

Date #759 — Friday, December 18th, 2015

A: Going to this was a great idea. I’m really happy we made it. It made us both really happy which was a great thing. Beforehand I invited B to a dinner at this little bar with a $5 menu:

He didn’t arrive right away and got really frustrated beforehand. It seemed to me like he really needed some B time; some time to himself to just relax and get whatever he needed to get done, or maybe that’s nothing and he just needed some quiet, zen space to chill in. Being at this bar was a bad idea, and I could see it in his face (it was really loud), but we got through it. After the movie, B seemed happier and more relaxed. I had a lot of fun throwing dog bones at the screen and chocolate change when this line plays: “Keep the change ya filthy animal!”

B: Isn’t that email from A so sweet? She does such nice things for me and is so caring.

I was at home cleaning the entire apartment quite thoroughly in anticipation of Christmas guest when A called to discuss the email. She asked if I read it and I said “no” and then she went kind of silent. I asked if she wanted to discuss the email and she said, “I want you to read it first,” and then said nothing again. I started to get really frustrated and, in a frustrated voice, I told her that it frustrated me. I was still sort of in the middle of cleaning and I think I felt distracted and overwhelmed. A hung up (which I think was smart) and I read the email and felt like I acted like a jerk (which I had).

I thought, “you knew you wanted to keep cleaning but instead talked to A and gave her half your attention and felt discarded and that was a bad idea.” I wish I just told her, “Hey, I’m busy, I’ll call you later.”

When we spoke later I apologized and told her I felt totally awful and pathetic and I didn’t want to do anything. Everything felt really overwhelming and I knew it would take a lot for me to go to the quote-a-long. A was amazingly supportive and said, “you don’t need to do anything you don’t want to. You don’t have to come to the quote-a-long.” I knew I wanted to go and I told her I would meet her at the restaurant and to go there ahead of me.

I then moped for 30 more seconds and then put on some pump-up, happy music and got ready.

At the restaurant I felt totally overwhelmed and couldn’t focus. I didn’t have a lot of patience. I told A how I was feeling and I really focused on making sure I didn’t take anything out on her. I listened to her stories and ranted a bit about something and just held my head in my hands for awhile. I try to remember moments like these where A is totally amazing so that I can use it as fuel when she needs me to be amazing like this.

After the restaurant things started to improve emotionally for me. The Home Alone Quote-A-Long was filled with such festive energy and positive spirit. There were kids in pyjamas and adults with “Ya Filthy Animal” sweaters. We wore Santa hats and one kid kept staring at me. I asked if they liked my hat and they shook their head “no”. I told them I liked their light-up shoes.
As the movie played they showed the captions so we could quote a long. There were cues to either throw things at the screen or do things like count the number of “jerks” that were said.

Home Alone is a lot deeper than I remembered. I forgot Kevin actually wishes his family away and the whole “being left behind” seems to be caused by holiday magic. I forgot that a lot of the movie doesn’t involve the actual night of the robbery and Kevin has some awesome conversations with people.

A fell asleep at some point which was really adorable. I’m so thankful that she accepts all my sides. I’m happy that when I’m not treating her decently she doesn’t take it — it reminds me that it is OK to be frustrated but not OK to take it out on anyone. I also love that she loves Christmas (did I say that before?)

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