Interviewing Matt for The Peakbaggers

Date #774 — Saturday, January 9th, 2016

B: We planed to do an interview with Matt — the person we started The Peakbaggers with but who has since left the project. It was a really crucial interview, and one we’d been waiting months for him to agree to do.

I was really happy A managed to arrange this. I wanted it to go well and so I was thinking of every detail. Initially I thought A would interview Matt because she is the Director. I feel a big responsibility to help empower her — both because she’s my partner and also because she has a unique vision I want to encourage.

I was giving her some pointers on interviewing that I’ve learned over many years in radio and podcasting. Almost at the last minute I suggested I would do the interview. I said, “I want this to go well and you’re better at filming and I’m better at interviewing.” It felt weird when I said it, but A agreed and seemed relieved.

Ultimately, the interview went really well.

I realized that recognizing and admitting your strengths is just as important as admitting your weaknesses. I thought by me suggesting to do the interview I may have been taking something away from A, but really I was saying, “let’s use my skill here so you can use your skill there.”

A: We both had a busy Saturday planned working on our projects, meeting people, and then a big interview for The Peakbaggers series we’re working on in the afternoon. I think we executed the day very well and used both our strong points to get our work done in the best possible light. B is a great interviewer so instead of him helping me with questions, he took on the role as interviewer and I focused on filming and talking points. It went really well. I can’t wait to share our first episode on March 25th this year!

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