Meeting About #DiscoverYourWild With UTOC at Bar Mercurio

Date #735 — Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

A: I’d set a lot of meeting at Bar Mercurio but never been in. It’s a lovely little place; elegant in menu and procedure. We got tea and a raw vegan wrap that was delicious. We chatted with two UTOC organizers about plans to inspire youth to get outside, as well as upcoming get togethers that we’d host for Discover Your Wild. It was lovely to see them and to connect with similar minds within the city. I loved our little visit!

B: A set up this meeting and was working all day somewhere else, so I was going to meet her there. I was rushing to finish my work at our studio, making soap, writing, etc. I felt rushed and a little bit irritated about having to leave the house again and bike to meet people. It was also cold and rainy.

Once I was there though, the place was lovely and we had a great meeting. I left happy and inspired.

When I’m feeling irritated like that I try to let myself accept those feelings, tell myself they are OK, and still move forward. I focus on the next step, and then the next, and eventually I’m past whatever was getting me down and am enjoying being in the moment.

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