Nous Bruce — Day 2

Date #845 — Sunday, May 1, 2016

A: Yesterday I left home at 6am to embark on a trail run relay of the entire Bruce Trail and to be part of the first all-women team to set the fastest known time doing so. It’s an amazing project run by our talented and lovely friend Aly with her new sports initiative called Nous Adventure Co. This inaugural project is The Nous Bruce Project.

We’re picking up on Day 2 here because that’s when B joined the team as a driver. It was so fun to have them come up and support the run and be apart of this life-changing experience. This was a huge project for me — I’d been training sine NOVEMBER 2015 — and it’s a huge step for me in the realm of community involvement and project planning.

I ran my favourite leg of the race today — through an enchanted forest of damp moss and beautiful trees. I got lost once and had to play music aloud once because I heard something big. Safety first! I couldn’t run and sing loud enough. :)

For the next week we’d be doing this — running a leg of the trail and then tagging off the next runner to run their leg — for 24 hours a day! Can you believe it?

Here are some boomerangs from the first days:

B: I’m so proud of A and the entire team of incredible Women for doing this. The Bruce Trail is about 900km of mixed trail (mostly through the woods) that runs along the Niagra Escarpment. The terrain is made up of eroded land that makes for some really interesting conditions and lots of elevation gains and descents.

I was really happy to come up and drive runners every day and be with A. My job was to fill my parents van with 4 runners at our station area and then drop off one and pick-up another at each relay point. Basically it was drive 1//2 hour to 2 hours to the first point, wait for the person running to meet us while the first person in the car would start running, then drive everyone to the second point and wait for that runner to finish while another runner in the car would start, and so on and so forth.

I ended up being in the car between 8–12 hours a time and was also working remotely between drives.

On the first day I met up with A and the people who would be in my car along the trial because I was late. I was so happy that A and one of our other friends would be in the car with me. The drop-off/pick-up point was in Wiarton — home of the late groundhog in Canada who predicts if we’ll have 4 more weeks of Winter on Groundhog Day.

It was a great start and so much fun. During the ride A told me about her first run and I beamed with pride.

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