Nous Bruce — Day 3

Date #846 — Monday, May 2, 2016

B: I woke up late on Monday after a long day/night of driving the day before. I was late to sign-in remotely for my Social Media contract and the people at the company were kind of freaking out.

That threw me off. The house was filled with people (imagine 16 runners + others in a cottage). I took some time outside to do yoga and mediate before getting ready to drive again.

The team was a bit behind schedule and increasingly it seemed like A would be running at night. She confessed to me earlier that the one thing she didn’t want to do was run at night. When it came time, she didn’t flinch. I was so impressed.

Before that we had to drive to the first running location. It was a longer drive from the cottage to the starting point because the team is running away from staging house 1 and closer to staging house 2. The day was so nice and it was such a beautiful drive. We all had a lot of fun taking pictures waiting for the first runner.

While waiting for another runner to start we arrived close to this waterfall. It was so beautiful and sounded amazing. I recorded some sounds to remember.

A: Today we started later in the day and I watched the sunset with B and our team while waiting for the previous runner to come tag me in so I could begin my leg through farmland near Orangeville, Ontario. My first night run! And it was awesome. I had a volunteer runner to accompany me and they were so great at talking and keeping my thoughts occupied as we ran through farm land and small patches of woods.

I also studied my stretch of the trail like crazy so that it was nearly memorized and I could recall turns and hills without looking at the map. I had to, too, and I’m glad I did, because I am not very good at seeing in the dark but I realized that you can’t see passed the beam of light on your head anyway so it was a bit easier than I imagined mostly because the light was so controlled.

It was a lot of fun, actually, and I’m really happy that this was my chance to run at night because it was best case scenario, really. I know some of the other teammates had tougher times and many had ONLY ran at night so I continually reminded myself of how lucky I have been thus far with my legs of the trail.

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