Nous Bruce — Day 6

Date #849 — Thursday, May 5, 2016

A: I was refreshed and recharged for Day 6 of The Nous Bruce Project. I’d connected with a few people and had a really great run through the Hamilton section of the Bruce Trail. I began on a bike path that lead to a beautiful dirt trail full of tall trees whose roots made for incredible patterns across the path. There were inukshuks along the path where the rocks had fallen from the escarpement. It said: I was here and now you are and even though you’re alone we’re all together. Something like that. I felt part of something.

Later that evening B and I picked up our friend Karolina who is also a part of this project but was running in a different car and we went to explore Burlington craft beer. It was a lovely little urban adventure, having been in the wild all week but still feeling like we were explorers. We spent the night at one our teammate’s parent’s houses which was beautiful and them hosting us all was so lovely and kind of them. In the morning we would finish the run together. I couldn’t believe it was almost over, and yet I was so thrilled to be going home.

One amazing thing about being outside today was that, earlier in the week, all the trilliums had sprouted but not bloomed and as we wandered into the woods waiting for Karolina, I noticed they had all opened. It was really neat to see. I love things like this so, so much.

B: Day 6 was a bit of a whirlwind for me. I had to work again in the morning and we were leaving the farm house that day. I was supposed to drive a bunch of people and gear, but because of work things got kind of messed up.

I ended up getting up early, packing as much stuff as I could into the van, and then heading to work. I would then drive from the town close to the farm house all the way to Burlington on my own. A was running at this time.

When I got to the house in Burlington a lot of the people were out back relaxing. The mood was much more chill and jovial. I could tell things were coming to an end and that felt a bit weird. A and I talked about picking up our friend at the end of her run and going in to Burlington. This was she could be out of a car earlier and we could all hang out a bit before everything ended the next day.

I felt odd deviating from the group. I’m not sure if the tension was only in my head or something other people were feeling too, but there was definitely something going on.

I reminded myself that A was the one on the team and I needed to follow her lead. I wanted to support her. There already were moments during this week where A would tell me upsetting things and I didn’t want them to be true. I wanted things to be OK with everyone. Sometimes things aren’t OK thought and people have crappy experiences.

I told myself to listen. If A needed to separate from the group, that’s what we would do. If A thought it would be good to pick up her friend, that’s what we would do. The run was tough and I wasn’t running it and I DEFINITELY wasn’t in A’s shoes. What I could do was listen and offer my support so that A could reach this amazing goal.

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