Oracle Trail Race in REAL Winter

Date #797 — Saturday, February 13, 2016

A: I don’t much like running in the city and this is the day that I found out why: trail running is so much better!

I am running the Bruce Trail with the Nous Adventure Co and so we are practising by doing a bunch of trail runs and group runs, this being one of them. Of course, when we woke up, it was FREAKISHLY cold — the coldest it’s been all season! No biggie! We were just going to go for a run!

I was so happy B was there supporting us all; it takes a lot of pressure off everyone knowing someone reliable is there waiting for you, cheering for you, and looking out for you. I hope B and I can do these things forever.

Sometimes I feel awkward bringing B along and I think that other people are thinking, “Wow, she can’t do ANYTHING without her boyfriend!” I ponder and ponder and ponder this. I think I want to be seen as someone who is fiercely independent, and I thrive on this feeling of able-ness especially since I left home at 17 and haven’t moved back since, but I keep forgetting one important difference between my life at 17 and my life now: B is not my childhood that I wanted to escape, he is the future I am building. I actually ENJOY B’s presence, and want him to be there for these things and love that he wants to be. I don’t have to prove anything to myself any more; I don’t have to prove to myself that I’m able to be independent. I really need to give myself more credit!

B: I am so impressed A and everyone else ran in this trail race. The weather was the coldest day of Winter. The moment I went outside my entire body started freezing.

I was really happy to be there and help support everyone. There was no waiting area, so keeping the van nice and warm was key.

A didn’t seem to be too worried about the cold. She did the run like a champ and I was so proud when she returned with her hair all frozen and a smile on her face.

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