Our 3rd Annual Santa Claus Parade

Date #732 — Sunday, November 15th, 2015

B: This was definitely the warmest Santa Claus Parade. I am so thankful A gets into the holiday spirit (for many holidays) and brings be along with her.

My favourite moments this year were the marching bands (they all were really good), the Police Chief and Mayor, the Blue Jays float, and of-course, Ms. Claus’ float.

A and I had a really fun time. Everything felt like there was less pressure and anxiety and we just took everything in a relaxed way.

A: This is one of my favourite days of the year! It’s our THIRD Santa Claus parade together. The first one, in 2013, we met my friend Marika on Queen’s Park Circle and drank hot chocolates and watched the parade. Last year and this year we were in roughly the same spot and got hot chocolate at the same little stand that Scout and Cash set up outside their cafe on Christie just north of Bloor. It was so fun. Last year it was so cold and the bus shelter we walked by was packed full of marching band kids. This year, we were boiling in our toques!!

I’m trying to think of which parade I loved the best out of the 3 and I think last year’s was my favourite, if only because it was more “wintery.” Weather does wonders for getting you in the mood! This year, however, we didn’t argue, butt heads, say sarcastic comments, or stick our tongues out at each other, haha!! It was a Christmas miracle!

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