Planning for Mountaineering Camp + Baby Shower + Engagement Party

Date #862 — Tuesday, July 5, 2016

B: A lot happened while A was away:

- Her cousin got married and A was hosting a baby shower for her in July

- I got in a major bike accident and had a concussion

- We agreed to throw a Toronto engagement party

- We also signed up for a one week mountaineering camp with the Alpine Club of Canada!

For our webseries The Peakbaggers we’d been looking at various camps with the ACC for training. The camps would take us to elevations over 7,000m (we’d only been at about 1,400m previously) and teach us crucial mountaineering skills. We got on the waitlist for some and then someone suggested registering for the local Toronto section camp.

The difference between the Toronto section camp was that the Toronto section camp wasn’t designed for beginners like us. We told the trip leader about our experience in some areas and lack of experience at elevation and they agreed to take us on! I was so excited!!

While A was away I got a personal trainer and started training 3 times a week with them and reading mountaineering books every day. You can read more about my training here.

I was nervous about A’s prep and I wanted to make sure she was doing enough while being supportive. When she got back I was under the impression we were in very different head spaces. I wanted to tell her about all I learned and it seemed like she was getting overwhelmed with everything. The trip was also costing us a lot and that added pressure too.

We eventually decided a plan of attack — we’d make some giant lists about the mountaineering trip, the baby shower A was throwing the day we’d get back from the trip, and the engagement party we were throwing the Saturday before we’d leave. I hope you’re starting to see why we were a bit stressed.

I think the best thing we did was put up a list of colour-coded to-dos right in our hallway. We’d see them every day and know what had to be done. Yellow was for the mountaineering camp, pink for the baby shower, and blue would be for the engagement party.

We added things like:

- Configure GPS

- Pickup helmets

- Read books

- Buy maps

- Make decorations

- Make a playlist

I’m happy that we can make a plan and get things like this done. The whole time I thought, “this is a lot, but I know we can do it.” I liked that we had goals and had been planning for awhile. It felt like a lot, but I knew it would be OK. I knew we were ready.

A: It was such a stressful time. We got back from Ottawa on Sunday, July 3rd. Our engagement party was planned for Saturday the 9th, we were leaving for BC on the 10th, we be back the 24th — the same day of the baby shower that we’d scheduled for months, and THEN that Friday the 29th we were planning to go to Alabama with B’s family for the week. Guh! Stress!

B’s idea to put sticky notes up with everything we had to do was super useful because every time we got something done, we took the sticky note down. It was a visual reminder of tasks and a very useful and interactive one. I highly recommend it!

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