Post-Parade Packers Game at Tallboys

Date #733 — Sunday, November 15th, 2015

A: We walked a couple blocks to our favourite little place in the neighbourhood to watch the Packers game. It was the first Sunday of brunch and we had to watch the game on mute with the house music on which was a bit disheartening for being a sports bar and all. We agreed we need to find another place that’s more sportsy and will put sound on because it honestly beats watching the game at home! Plus we weren’t alone in the game watching which is always fun!

We munched and watched the Packers lose by 2 points against Detroit (18–16). It was an INTENSE game.

B: After the Santa Claus Parade we watched the Packers game at Tallboys. The Packers didn’t play a great game. Despite that they had a chance to win but blew their last shot on a terrible kick as the clock ran out. Overall though, it was a great day.

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