Sewing Christmas Gifts

Date #753 — Friday, December 11th, 2015

A: B facetimed me while I was at work to tell me he got The Grid. I’ll let him explain that but I thought, when I saw the call, that it was a mistake so I pressed ignore. Then he called again and I was like, “What?” and picked up. I hid in the kitchen because it was so awkward to video chat in the office, haha.

After work we went to Whitby and pigged out on Chinese food with B’s dad. It was DELICIOUS. A definite treat. After dinner we holed up in the basement with B’s mom’s sewing machine trying to figure it out. I’ve sewn many times and know the basic workings of a machine but I don’t know much about fabric and tension. After a couple hours, though, we figured it out. I taught B how to thread the machine, sewed our first gift, and then he asked if he could do the next one. We teamed up: I cut, pinned, and trimmed, and he sewed. It was awesome. We were over halfway done when we realized it was 3am and we had a huge day of visiting to do Saturday so we… PUT A PIN IN IT. Ha. Ha. Ha.

B: Two awesome things happened this day — I got Beta access to this new website builder I’ve been waiting for and I sowed for this first time since elementary school. It was a day full of creating.

The Grid is a website builder that uses artificial intelligence to create beautiful websites in as little time and as easy as possible. It’s a big promise, but I think it can be done. I signed up as a founding member about a year ago when I learned that the creators of Medium (an amazing blogging platform) and Blogger had teamed up to create The Grid.

I was so excited I called A to show off some features. The product is still in beta, so there are still plenty of glitches, but it is pretty amazing already. It was like an early Christmas present. You can see the first site I didn’t build here.

When we got to Whitby we ate some delicious food and then got right to tackling our second sewing machine (see Date #750). My Mom was really sick and so she wasn’t able to help us set up her sewing machine. A was confident we’d be OK though. As we went downstairs my Dad said, “You’re gonna try and use that? I don’t think you’ll sew anything.” I just thought, “Why do you have to be so negative?”

When we went down A started working on the machine getting things set up and I looked at the manual. After an hour or so it seemed like everything was ready to go. A few times I suggested getting my Mom, but A said, “We can do this!” I love her confidence!

We tried sewing some test fabric but the needle kept skipping every few stitches. A then seemed really defeated and I said, “let me have a go.” I heard my Dad’s words in my head and used them as fuel to not give up. I adjusted some of the settings (stitch width, thread tension) and then….IT WORKED! I felt like a hero. I hoped A felt like a hero too. We did it!!

We then got to work with A cutting and pinning and me using the sewing machine. It was so much fun creating like this and using the machine felt calming and zen. Even A asked, “isn’t it calming?” We worked until late and then committed to finishing the rest the next night.

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