Skiing/Snowboarding at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone (Trip 3)

Date #790 — Thursday, February 4, 2016

B: We wanted to go to Mt. St. Louis Moonstone for as many skiing/snowboardiing trips as possible. Our passes allowed weekday daytime visits, so we borrowed my parents van and headed up on a Thursday.

We got there about about 12 and the place was packed with school groups. A was still doing green runs and on the main mountain (Moonstone those were packed with young learners. In an effort to avoid crowds we went to the other mountain (St. Louis). The runs were more natural and fun and A was so excited. It was great to see her that excited — I love it when you share something with someone and they get really in to that thing.

After we visited a brewery nearby that A really likes. It was a fun day trip that felt healthy and enthusiastic and positive — sharing and physical activity will do that.

A: So fun! So fun! Our first Thursday going up to ski during the say and it was amazing. We discovered new hills on the far side of the mountain that I just adore — a green on that glides through trees and is curvy and beautiful. We skiied for hours and hours and then went to Flying Monkey for a snack after. It was such a good day to be outside and to be here. I love skiing. I can’t wait to ski on a mountain with B.

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