Sleeping Giant Provincial Park — The Peakbaggers Prairie Tour — Day 6

Date #675 — Saturday, August 15th, 2015

A: I REALLY wanted to hike the Sleeping Giant trail at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park but, to my dismay it was an all day hike and we had a very tight time frame. Sleeping Giant is near Thunder Bay making it a 15 hour drive home, plus I had to return the car to London by Monday and we really couldn’t doddle because we were going to Alabama with B’s entire family on Wednesday. But we made sure to stop to check out the park. It’s so beautiful. It might be one of my favourite parks, albeit I haven’t been to many. This trip, actually was my first ever sleepover in one, and I loved them dearly! (I may be forgetting details of my childhood.. like.. is Wasaga a provincial park?)

Anyway, B and I took photos of each other from across two lookouts and had a really good time sweating it up on the edge of the sharp cliffs. It was so nice, and a great way to break up our drive. At this point we’d been driving for about 5 hours and our goal was to make it to Ste Saint Marie by nightfall.

B: This park was truly beautiful and the hike was amazing. A found this place and the hike to the Sea Lion Trail and I’m so happy we went. The views were so incredible.

I wanted to get some epic nature shots and scrambled closer and closer down the loose rock to the edge of the cliff to get some shots of A.

When I was doing that I didn’t feel scared at all. Then I went out to the edge of another cliff for A to take shots of me. She told me to “relax” but I couldn’t. My body was so stiff from the fear of falling.

It’s funny. I know that heights and cliff edges are something I will have to adjust to as we progress with The Peakbaggers. I willingly put myself in these scenarios and embrace the fear. It’s this balancing act of dreading something in the present but loving it overall.

I really enjoy that our project can allow for moments like this where A and I can be creative in nature and be ourselves in a moment of spontaneity.

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