Swimming in Superior — The Peakbaggers Prairie Tour — Day 7

Date #676 — Sunday, August 16th, 2015

B: After Sleeping Giant Provincial Park A and I had to drive a fair distance to make it to our desired spot so that we would arrive home in time. We originally planned on staying in Pancake Bay Provincial Park, but after the steep price-tag for a spot, we declined.

I searched from some free spots using this app and we decided on a spot near the park. By the time we got there it was night and the lack of any lights meant we could only see a few feet in front of us. Highup near a lookout of Lake Superior I turned the car off the highway and down the dirt road I thought we were looking for. We couldn’t see anything and A pointed out there was a good chance of us driving off the cliff. Slowly and carefully I backed out on to the highway and we parked at the lookout a few meters back.

There were other trucks and a convoy of trailers and cars that stopped while we were getting ready to sleep. Part of me thought someone would break in and murder us, part of me was too tired to care. Thankfully I travel with a sleep mask and ear plugs. We got out our sleeping bags and settled in for the night.

The best part about sleeping in a car is that you can wake up and drive. As I heard A stiring I opened my eyes to see her throwing her sleeping bag in the back and starting the car to get it defrosted.

We started driving before 6am looking for a place where A could go for her first swim in Lake Superior.

As we were driving I quickly realized that the list of possible places to swim was declining and soon we would be past Ste. Saint Marie. We quickly turned around and drove down some back roads that followed a stream and then went into a community where the only beaches were owned by private cottages (as much as anyone can own a beach). We tried sneaking on to a few but were too nervous.

We drove back to the highway, backtracked some more, and eventually found the most beautiful and quaint place, Harmony Beach. We got in to our bathing suits and ran past a the only other soul on the beach and into the water. As I yelled out for joy the person in sitting in the chair yelled back, “Welcome to Harmony!” and harmony it was!

A joined me reluctantly, which I found amusing based on her previous comments about lake swimming. Remembering that she wanted me to stay in so bad last time I made sure to make an effort to stay in this time. I was having a blast and then A said she wanted to get out and have breakfast. I promptly got out and started drying off. As she stayed in and changed her mind I got frustrated.

Looking back I realize that if A changing her mind is totally OK. Maybe it was a bit confusing and upsetting in that moment, but ultimately it is OK and I need to accept that. Sure, I was frustrated, partially because I wanted to stay in, but the reality is that if I wanted to stay in I could have. And, if I was a little bit upset A changed her mind, I could have mentioned that and then moved on too.

Anyways, I walked away and cooled down. Thankfully A let my reaction role off her shoulder. When she eventually did get out I was getting the coffee ready and making a hot breakfast at the side of the beach. Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to live.

A: We slept on the side of the road this night because it got dark fast and we were a bit behind time-wise. We did, however, have a goal that we achieved and it was to dip into Lake Superior! Harmony provided.

As we walked over to the beach, B got ready to go in and literally jumped in and dunked himself under the water. He came up yelling about how cold it was and a man sitting staring out a few metres away yelled, “Welcome to Harmony!!!” It was so funny and lovely. I went in after and we bobbed around. I again wanted to stay in longer but I said to be that I wanted to get out and make coffee and breakfast so he got out but then I stayed in. I think B wanted to stay in and I felt guilty for getting ahead of myself because I know B is very “decision then action” which means if I or he says “Let’s do this” the next move is to do it.

I loved Harmony. I think we will stop there if we ever drive by again.

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