Winterlicious Lunch at Bar Italia + The Revenant & Carol

Date #787 — Sunday, January 31, 2016

B: Winterlicious is this annual event where all these Toronto restaurants offer prix-fixe menus at incredible prices. The lunches range from $18-$25 and the dinners from $25–45. I figured we could do 3 lunches at $18 and not totally break the bank. Our first spot was Bar Italia in Little Italy.

There are a bunch of places with the name “Bar _______” in this area, and A and I both thought we were going to Bar Raval — a place I was really excited about.

The lunch was good and the service was good. There was a really delicious salad and it was nice the restaurant offered us complimentary appetizers and coffee when they made mistakes. The whole thing felt like A and I had stepped back in time and into a David Lynch film. I half expected things to get really weird.

Then we saw two films that struck me to my core in very different ways.

After we went to my favourite coffee spot and had amazing coffee. The Revenant was beautiful and haunting and terrifying and thrilling. If you’ve seen it, you know how quickly it gets your heart pumping. I was gasping and grasping A’s hand for support through the entire beginning. Carol was so sad and beautiful and romantically tragic. I thought Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett did a phenomenal job acting.

A: It was kind of funny going for lunch because BOTH B and I thought we were going elsewhere. We found it though and it was great. The server mistakenly gave us the wrong appetizer so we got an extra soup free of charge and then they kept forgetting to bring us water so we got espresso free of charge! It was such a lovely date.

We don’t ever eat out so it was nice to go on a date with B. I mused that we had very little to talk about because we spend time and live together already and he thought that was funny and felt proud that this didn’t matter to him. He said he was happy with how things were, just as they are, and that made me smile.

The whole conversation reminded me of one of my favourite quotes from Eternal Sunshine: “Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.”

Afterward we went for ANOTHER coffee at Empire and had a work meeting and then sunk into two seats at Varsity. We watched two beautiful films. They were energizing and struck us in very different ways, good ones, poignant ones.

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