Ombudscycle: Having governments, their only duty is human rights.

For example, post-truth in governments (Keane, 2018), and using people for their own purposes or other purposes in countries, are not allowed. Who truly does human rights correctly (Ruggiero, R., et al., N.D.)? Who is truly only a government to provide human rights, so everyone is truly free?

By having 250 “countries”, we say, we have 250 best leaders in human rights.

Every person is competent, must make their own choices, a country leader would simply be the best provider of human rights. For many, it is the nearby “best”, as a lot of times, they are born nearby the country they live in or were born in the country they live in. They are not at all times the best in the world. Also, their leaders are not always able, or not achieving that, at all. We need an extra look at the protection of their human rights, as many do not want to live where they are born, did not choose to be born there, and still have the rights to leave that country, but who helps them when the country is set on themselves?

For human rights, we need to think broadly to help people achieve their wishes, we need to think beyond the borders. Any person should get human rights, everywhere, at all times, no matter they moved between countries to places they prefer. We should also think broadly to help them get where they want to be.

No one is owned by anyone, their passports do not say they are owned by that country, they simply get their human rights through that country, it shows how they access to human rights.

People cannot be used to work for the country, they only have the duty to do the human rights, also, helping kids get their rights, (own kids first, and their own family first), and treat them and all people as competent, interpret them correctly, and not interfere, force, nor influence children and adults. Everyone has their own rights, is authentic, unique, their own possession, and is autonomous and we must let them be autonomous.

Children do live within the extension of the home, where the parents decide schooling, with the children, as children are competent. We have to interpret them correctly and help them get their wishes. But this extension of the home is not allowed to be interfered with, forced, ruled, nor to influence because the children need stability, are coming from their parents, and with that comes the extension of the home of the parents. It is also their own extension of the home, so we are not allowed to change that. From this home, they learn to be autonomous.

This is a natural process, as children are born depending, and live within the home, are not allowed to be taken away. Over time they grow and become autonomous, and will change their lives, themselves, into what they want. The parents help them achieve that.

You cannot take children and pretend they should live up to your standards, or that the family of the kids should be changed. You would interfere, influence, rule, force, and that is not allowed.

Children should not be exposed to crimes, but the truth cannot be twisted, you cannot pretend, kids have to do what governments or others want. No, they must be left in the extension of the home, for their stability.

It is also, like in science, you'll need to find absolute truth when you say something is true. Also when you find crimes or true faults that could damage people, this cannot be just theories, your wishes, etc.

No one is allowed to be exposed to crimes, your own idea of taking other people is a crime on its own.

So, you'll need the absolutes on this, not become an absolute with your own will, you are not allowed to violate human rights, all rights count at the same time, and must be done.

The goal of human rights is freedom, not possessing anyone, no slavery, no usage of people, and to be authentic and autonomous selves, the way humans are. Humans are unique.

You would lead these unique people best with human rights. That is what you say when you work in a government and lead “the people”, you lead their access to human rights (Hachmer, 2020).

Contests for best human rights leaders.

Contests help us find talents (DeRue, et al., N.D.). We should make an idol alike contest to find the world's best talents, leaders that only do human rights, and change all governments in the best, doing only human rights.


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All human rights into divisions. All divisions work on a human rights article.

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