One World for the Ombudscyles, OWO divisions — First division, and foundation of human rights: Children are competent, thus every person is competent.

(Children are born with human rights, every person is competent and has human rights, at all times).

For human rights, we make ombudscycles of each case, every situation, to forever work on it, and set all straight with human rights. Anyone can join, with any profession.

Tribunals are made when one violates human rights, so no court decision, but all humans decide, themselves, and human rights are still done, at all times.

Because The American Psychological Association (APA), has such a good system with divisions for psychologists I use that as an example for the human rights articles divisions.

So, we need a place where we have a database, have all knowledge, and can create the best work for the ombudscycles, tribunals, and all work on human rights, the OWO divisions.

You can join divisions and work on them. Also, you can get grants, funds, and collaborations in divisions.

All articles count at the same time, and we have the only duty as humans to do human rights.

  • Also, govs, must do human rights first and only, never violating human rights, nor using people for anything. A country is not a rebellion club, or some collab for a club, where one can decide all they want, and make new rules, as a ruling club. You are a party because you say, by being the one to lead, you do the human rights the best, one should vote for you, so all get their rights.
  • We have the duty to do kids first, family first, and help kids get their human rights, interpret them correctly, without influencing, telling what to do, nor interference, and no use of courts. We all must do human rights correctly. Also, kids are competent according to human rights, and this is our duty. Every human is competent, kids too.

So they do what they want, and we help them with that.

We need the punishment for all interfering, saying things differently, pretending people are not competent, or kids wouldn't be competent, etc, as it is punishable to say that, no matter you are a judge, or lawyer, or anyone in the justice field. It is even more punishable in those jobs, as your duty is to do the human rights, and you say you know them best, people will use the things you say and do, thus you must be perfect on this.

So, it needs work to tell everyone about human rights, and being competent, and help all to get their true human rights. We are never allowed to twist, change, deny human rights.

As science is also important, and the essence of studying sciences, human rights, ethics, academic skills, and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL).

Also, the drop in crime rate can be most important, because we have to do this work without crimes. So, honor codes, good examples, or higher literacy could be the first division, to make these divisions strong.

I also work on the academic field I made, Big Humanity, a part of Big History where all scientific laws are translated into daily life, and we study on finding more scientific laws. This could be the first division too because it would be about the absolutes all humans live with, the scientific laws.

But, I think it should be children are competent. All humans are competent, also children. This includes all 7 billion people as competent.

If we work only with this first division, children are competent, we would be doing it all. Children become adults, all are born with human rights and all remain competent.

Everyone competent means everyone counts, everyone works on something, everyone decides what to work on, themselves, everyone can do human rights, everyone can help us get the human rights done, everyone can work on the human rights.

Also, healthcare and all care have the duty of authoritative care, thus we can work a lot on getting all forces away, and let people get their true human rights, freedom, also when someone else thinks we are not competent. That can be a study, but it is no truth, nor human rights, thus not allowed to pretend people lose their competence.

A loss of sovereignty is something else than humans losing their competence. Humans always have competence and their human rights, which no one is allowed to take away. People working, like governments, that violate human rights do lose their sovereignty, immediately, and anyone can stop them, immediately, no matter who that person is. This is because we must keep doing human rights, thus people remain competent and free, doing their own lives.

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