The framework of law, why we can jail many people easily for violating human rights.

The Dutch are brainwashed, used, abused, told otherwise than the truth, and need to unbrainwash, and learn again. Know the real routes again, and get into action to address all workplaces, and work fields, and all law workers, to make all correct according to the human rights, ethics, sciences, and to give the correct boundaries to all professions. So, we look at the correct framework. All is meant so the human can be who they naturally, truly are, and none violates their rights, not in any time.

The framework:

  • 1. The people, no judges, with their own tribunals, and international law. On human rights, also, on the loss of sovereignty. All for the humans, never against the humans, and to always have access to their human rights, right away. The human is competent, also kids, and by law, by human rights law, also, the human is authentic, autonomous and has to live the way they want, without violating human rights.
  • 2. International law, and human rights courts. Even if these violate and are wrong, the humans have step 1, themselves leading all of it, thus able to do tribunals, too and solve all of it, correctly.

3. The Dutch have “two houses”, one is a human rights, ethics, and other laws, and sciences peer of house two. To review the human rights, and all laws, if the ideas of house two can become real, according to house one. Still, they can be wrong, they are not the human rights courts. They are also officers, thus have the duty to solve all crimes, to recognize them, solve them and send them to the correct officer who works on solving this type of crime. They have to work like robots, knowing it all, checking it all, as if they are software in a computer, finding problems, and solving problems, setting all straight, correctly, and completely, with absolute truth, also with showing why it can or cannot.

“Members of the House of Representatives are full-time politicians, whereas members of the Senate are part-timers who often hold other positions as well. They receive an allowance which is about a quarter of the salary of the members of the House of Representatives.”(Eerste Kamer, N.D., p.10).

  • 4. All other offices, we have many officers, working for the government, they all have the same duty to recognize, report, and solve the problems, mistakes, crimes, and send it to them to the correct officers, which have to solve them. We can force officers to do so. Even cops we can force with art 12.
  • 5. Dutch judges, the judges are administrative like the two houses and judge on the laws for the two houses. They violate human rights, by creating systems to constantly go to judges, as none is allowed to create inequality, and it's a violation anyway in human rights to create such a market. The judges should do their science in law, and be Ph.D. degreed, on the top level with all knowledge on the science of law, and thus able to explain precisely what should be happening and according to what science and laws, and be able to show the proof. All have to be absolutely true and according to the human rights, ethics, and absolute truth, and absolute science first, doing precisely the true interpretations, and be like top teachers, explaining, showing. We do not have such judges, not on that level, nor with the correct science knowledge, and curriculum, nor correct GPA, and that top-level of functioning truly in the profession, and simply exploit, human traffick and interfere, force, influence, and do their own opinions. They even change the laws by having many cases, and then do what they want, but abuse the fact, we should have not one case, they do many cases of the same, and neglect all things said before, while the true duty is, no cases, addressing society, to go on correct routes, so judges are not needed, and having the absolute science on that correct routes, etc. Create equality, by not violating human rights with interference, force, and influence, and having cases, and all outcomes count for all, as it is meant to address the things done in society, so all get the true laws again, true routes again, not personal opinions of judges on random individuals using their backs, and exploit them, no, the true duty, before any case publicly known when a case will be, thus the laws showing publicly when that is, also if so, a fair trial, and the exact same thing for all, so the outcome of that rare case will be for all. So, there cannot be more cases, it counts for all. The government has to be correct with human rights, so no cases could occur. No one is allowed to be used in their mistakes, crimes, violations, own opinions, etc, not to be used in systems, etc. So, there is a lot on this. They in any way firstly must check like peers, like any worker, and any person, the human rights, so if the government made mistakes they give it back with sorry, we cannot work with this, that is not allowed, and because of this…and this… etc. Showing the laws, and science behind it.
  • 6. Users of judges. They need to check the systems if they are correct with human rights, ethics, sciences, other laws, their own sciences, and profession codes, also if the profession codes are correct according to human rights and true ethics, and the science. This is thus another peer review on the systems and judges, and government, with international law and human rights, ethics, sciences. It is the first basic thing you do when you work because all must be done correctly, else you are a fellow criminal. You have a profession, it is part of professionality, to check your work. If you continue with mistakes, you are part of the crime, thus also exploitation, human trafficking, violating human rights, etc.
  • 7. Complaint officers, ombudsmen. They do their work anyway wrong, already. They think we only should complain, and they do a cycle. We have ombudscycles for everyone, with any profession. There is a lot more work to this, not in the end complaining, but from start no violations allowed. It is human rights, with the duty to have access, and right away. They also have the official duty, to report the crimes to the correct other officers on the topic.
  • 8. Everything around all these people and workers, like inspections, fraud checkers, government money frauds check, also AVG, the dutch version of the European privacy law, with also the duty to check professions, mistakes, faults, violations of human rights. Also with the official duty for officers, having to report to the other officers on topic, when there are crimes, mistakes, faults, violations.
  • 9. The people themselves again, everyone can start tribunals. They start with the human rights violations, and thus loss of sovereignty, and thus international law and tribunals, to get access right away to the human rights.

This is a duty, who violates is criminal, and crime comes from their homes, environments, influencers, forcers, interfering people, that ruined their minds and work.

So, we know they have issues. Personal issues. Their tasks go wrong with issues they have personally. They are taught wrong, lack knowledge did not understand, were distracted, used, abused, etc.

Mistakes are very personal, with personal reasons. We need to go deep to find what happened.

If you realize we are all family, sharing grandparents from centuries ago, but also a lot of us from more nearby, you know the true love they had.

This region did the one. But also who left from here around the world to migrate. The one was not only so because they had no condoms, and just one chance to have a family, also, because they were born from love, had a heart, searched for the one, and their parents gave them that time, they had to come back with the one, it was the only one allowed in the home as a boyfriend or girlfriend they took in as their own child, also, life was too tough, you could not play with life, many people died, and you had to take care of your one. There is no one else for your one, and life is so tough you were made for that one to save that one.

So, if war came, or other enemies, they might try to set us up, or change that by stealing people, taking women, or try to rule them. So, love life changes. We would never fall for that. People killed themselves after raped by Nazis etc, to not carry their babies. Dutch and all in this region went far to protect the true land and love. It is deeper.

So, if a region had not lived like this, the rest of us, as a family would see the things happening, and protect the rest from the same, and try to solve the bad.

“We would know someone tried to rule over the people with crimes, thus their homes had lacks of true love. “

So, realize after the war life and love is not normal, we need to heal. People are brainwashed, used, abused, human trafficked, exploited, and we need to get back to our true selves, and ones.

So, sense signals, feel your instinct, compare now with what you were born with the inside of your heart and don't fall for criminals wanting a shallow person out of you.

Hear the twists and lies, and see their networks, don’t be part of them, stay true. We worked many years on that past years but were already that way forever. Kids took away to institutions get the shallow life, thus worse marriages. Our families strived through it all, and knew those kids knew home, knew the love, so made sure none would fall. The harder criminals worked, the more lose all got, and more “a market”, more fake love came around, for money. After the war, fake love is not how love evolves.

True love has ups and downs.

  • Your own development
  • Your one's development
  • The environments, with people, and situations and developments

You are here for that. To be who you are and the love that comes with that, no matter the gender. You work through it all.

So, one should be busy with that nature, their own lives.

Their kids and own family come first, but they do their own extension of the home, and kids simply grow out of that over time, and find their own homes, ways of living, and own true love.

People would not be busy with shallow lives, wars, etc. The people were busy overcoming that if other countries entered the Netherlands or this region. We strived against those groups. We had love, others could be screwed up, from wars, crimes, low literacy, etc.

So, going down into that same is not Dutch, but it is done by these governments. They apparently lived bad lives, and are not connected to true love, true Dutch culture, and not the true culture of our families, around the world, and this region.

It could be simply generation X ruined by the workers in the boom generation, and institutions. Kids should never be separated from their mothers/parents. Kept starving for food, and love in the institutions, human trafficked, exploited, used, abused. As if they all were orphans and in wards.

(TheSasss1, 2017)


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