3 things that you are grateful for:

- For being able to choose my response (thought emotions actions)

- For every challenge the help me practice this freedom that I have (choosing my thoughts about what happened and give the meaning I want)

- For peace of mind (the mind needs stillness and the body movement)

1 thing that you can do better:

- Mind control (choosing my response, thoughts -> emotions -> actions, and not reacting)


Reacting is easier than taking a step back pausing and thinking through what happened and the proper response (the answer is somewhere in the middle you need to know when to react and when to consciously choose your response — balance is the key)

Don’t give you mind to anything that arises in consciousness (be intentional about your attention)

Connect with what is (connection and creation)


How often do you want your engine plane to fail?

Six sigma approach: for every million time you attend doing something only in 2–3 of them will go wrong (under 5 per million)

Life is short and you act like you are going to live forever (Seneca on the shortness of life)

If you know how much time you will have how much thrifty would you be with your time?

Murphy law — things happen to go wrong exactly when it shouldn’t (what can go wrong will go wrong and at the worst time)

1. The expectation of failure is the biggest reason that cause your failure

Don’t allow yourself to make mistakes

How it could be done?

2. No single points of failure (create redundancy on your life, backups, belts & suspenders)

Every time you can have at least 2–3 backups

Be prepared not relay that you will remember (make sure your will remember)

Fail to fail (the mindset that you are not goanna fail

3. Crate great/ systems that runs with ease (little energy)

Energy is everything. Conserve it (be smart about it, your habit and systems)

4. Keep your finger on the pulse of things

High levels of awareness (double check, expect it to go wrong and monitor it so will not)

F-22 exercise:

You should always plan for 3 scenarios:

A — absolute base scenario and you build a plan around it

B — the most likely scenarios

C — worst case scenario make a plan for that

We spend time but we don’t life because our mind in never in a place where is prepared

Do what difficult when is easy (not in the worst time)

Plan ahead a time for the worst (be prepared on the 4 pillars that matters)

When you think it can’t get worst it will get worst but you will survive and you will be happier on the other side if you were prepared enough

How can you be prepared about shitt?

This is not negativity you need to have all the scenarios in front of you and prepare for them

6 sigma — quality control system

Level 1 69% failures

Level 2 30% mistakes

Level 3 6% mistakes

Level 4 1% mistakes

Level 7 0 mistakes

(Strive for 6 level — 2–3/million)

What is your level?

Tools to level up:


Planning (ABC)

6 sigma tool

More knowledge and great people

Ideas easy →the plan (10 times harder) →execution and action (harder)

You have this big brain to assimilate more and simulate better the outcomes (books and consultants, have a lot of wise voices of great people in your head)

Creating perfect systems that build you up

The one rule for a good life: you can’t make mistakes?

Daily stoic:




Day review:

Up by 6:30





Write gratitude list on a not book

Get ready (clothes + brush teeth)

Get and send message to mom

Out by 8:00

Office by 8:13

Testing and trying to find why a process isn’t working anymore

Create a similar process and investigate

Test some older process that worked

Make sure that the libraries and the sequence of code are the same

Lunch to a restaurant near to the office

Finish when the team leader and 2 colleagues enter

Some more testing and debugging

Still the same behavior and not a clue what to do next

So I compare the code the types and the structures that were used

My colleagues out for a barbecue with the students

I remain and figure out the problem by 15:30 (a string needed casting to const char)

Dam this human error and lack of attention

Made the changes and commit

Out by 16:30

Room to leave some stuff


Dinner + music


And some art

Tai 26th step -6 sigma







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